What We Do

Feed-A-Face Appreciation Luncheon. Served Twelve low- income families during Christmas 2016.

Feed-A-Face Appreciation Luncheon

"A great big thank you to the volunteers, leaders, and captains who participated in the feed-a-family challenge. Twelve thousand dollars was raised to support twelve low- income families during Christmas 2016. Each family was a recipient of $1,000 for the holiday season. To recognize the dedicated leaders and captains, Feed-A-Face hosted an appreciation luncheon at the City of Dallas Public Library.

​ A special thanks to all the sponsors (Dallas Public Library, Smokey John's BBQ, S.O.U.L Church, House of Prayer), and a host of Detroit family and friends". 

​~Derek Washington, 2016


Welcome to Feed-A-Face!

For the past 6 years, Feed-A-Face has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the hungry, needy, and politically underrepresented members in our community. 


The Feed-A-Face team bringing smiles to the local streets of Dallas, TX.

​"Feed-A-Face started in 2012, while feeding the hungry, needy, and underrepresented in areas surrounding The Bridge and Austin Street shelters in Dallas. What a feeling it brought to help those in need. This six hour experience of devoted time with family and friends has become a corporate partnership that will benefit thousands".

~Derek Washington, 2012